It is within reason to owe our interpersonal judgment skills to human evolution – it helped us be cautious of our enemies, build trustable relationships and even find suitable mates. Yet, we as humans seem to be stuck with a social mind that we currently possess, despite all its design flaws. This explains the serious judgmental errors we make in our daily lives.

Therefore, perhaps it’s wiser to invest in – 1. Awareness and acceptance of the automacity of our judgmental mind
2. Knowing the other better - helps reduce the need for judging

When knowing increases, judging decreases. This is especially valuable for remote teams where we are bound to miss critical physical cues.

Happy teaming!

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The grass is greener on the other side. I enjoy seeing it from this side. For if I go over there, the gaps in the green – the brown - strike me.

When I see people from afar, I see only their bright side. I enjoy this view of others. I don’t see any conflicts in this world of mine. My views rest peacefully within. Unthreatened. But when I get too close, the other side becomes visible. Conflicts crop up. The dreaded disagreements become real.

Oh, wait! It is not the brown that’s the issue. It’s my dislike for it. The brown is definitely there and imagining that it is not is my fault and is limiting my exploration. If I become more accepting, of the brown and the dark side, I get to go more places. Will I be able to do it?

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I put my kettle on the stove and wait for the water to heat up. Every time I do this, I feel awed at how the kettle allows the heat to move through it and to the water inside. I become that fifth-grader whose wonderment about conductors, insulators, and the free movement of electrons never subsided.

Now I ask myself – do I know the nuance of being a conductor, when I receive constructive feedback, let it infuse into me to become better? And can I also be an insulator, impeding the flow of electrons, when I’m surrounded by destructive criticism? I’m still learning.

The things in my blindspot or out of my vision range are invisible to me. That doesn’t mean they are not there. These things might be inside someone else’s vision range; it is real for them. I can either hold on to the ‘what I see is what is’ theory or I can leverage from the vantage points of each of us. There’s a choice to make here – which path would you take?

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I realize that relationships are like human brains. Both are elastic and need conscious nurturing to grow. Nurturing here doesn't relate to the number (quantity) of interactions, but rather the quality.

Narrowing it down further, it’s the respect we bring into our interactions.

The oblivion paradox

Most often we do not know what we do not know. Knowing what we do not know is the first big step to knowing.

Self-doubt helps break the oblivion paradox.

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In #entrepreneurshiplife ,'alone' is not just lonely; it is impossible. Behind that accomplished man (pun intended) is a faceless #functionalteam that runs on #trust.

If you have ever stood on the giving side of the classroom with sincerity, then you've taken the hardest #leadershiplessons. You know uncertainty, lack of control, and keeping a group stable through a period of change. Teaching has helped you to be:

· Introspective and humble

· Engaged in the growth of others

· Transforming opportunities into a concrete output

It may be just that you didn't see it from this perspective yet!

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In our journey for knowledge acquisition, there is invariably a point of self-insufficiency. Our insecurities can push us to get defensive and cause pain.

Only the brave hearts that cross that threshold can taste the sweetness of #newknowledge.

All the while I was looking for a miracle. Only that I didn’t realize I was living one!

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Stars through the telescope and stardust under the microscope; perspectives matter in problem-solving.

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I’m resilient not because of my gender, my race, my class.

I’m resilient because I’m a human being, a learner, a leader, an entrepreneur.

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